Revista Romana de Bioetica



Revista Romana de Bioetica (RRB) is an international quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that reflects the whole domain of bioethics. RRB aims to serve as a nonpartisan and cross-cultural forum devoted to exploring current ethical issues in developing countries, by forging bridges between the bioethics discourse, research and public health ethics analysis in developed and developing countries. Therefore, RRB targets a broad audience that includes: government and health care leaders; health care advocates; scholars of bioethics; and others concerned with health and health care issues in the developing world. It publishes target articles, peer commentary, book reviews, original qualitative and quantitative research in any field of bioethics and, comments on developments in law and medicine. To ensure international relevance Revista Romana de Bioetica has Editorial Board members from all around the world.

ISSN electronic 2392-8034

ISSN print 1583-5170

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