Darshan Devang Divakar, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Kheraif, Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah, Mohammed Al Zahrane, Ali Al-Hazmi, Narasimha Reddy Parine

Principles of ethics for the dental profession are that “the dentist should act in a manner which will enhance the prestige and reputation of the profession”. The principles of ethics are the aspiration goals of the profession. They provide guidance and offer justification for the code of professional conduct and the advisory opinions. For their significance some of the ethical principles are predominating. These are: avoiding of making any damage to patient; doing well for patient; autonomy of patient; patient’s informing. These principles are supplemented by other ethical rules like: altruism, justice, confidentiality, loyalty, truthfulness and other. All noted principles are overlapping in meaning and resulting one from another. The present electronic search study was done to evaluate the availability of relevant literature on dental ethics. In this study an electronic literature search was performed for articles and books published between January 2005 to December 2014. As a result, 118 literatures were found, out of which only 6 publications (5 books and one web link) were relevant to the searched topic. To conclude, this study showed the lack of information about the importance of dental ethics, which should be made available and this paper also highlights on the basic ethics in dentistry and its importance in routine dental practice as professionals.

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